Elsa Salonen

Der Weg zum Rio Grande


Elsa Salonen intervened the book with the phrase:
"Coca-Cola continues to operate in Bolivia"


Coca-Cola is the nearest thing to capitalism in a bottle.

David Choquehuanca, Bolivia's foreign minister, discussed Coca-Cola in a speech in Copacabana on July 13th 2012.

In the course of inviting indigenous leaders from throughout the hemisphere to visit his country on December 21st 2012, coinciding with the conclusion of the 13th bak tun of the Mayan calendar, Choquehuanca said that the date should mark the end of American-style capitalism in Bolivia and the beginning of a culture of community-based living through an ideology of communitarism. He continued, "the end of selfishness, of divisions is on December 21st 2012".


The end of Coca-Cola must come on December 21st and the start of the mocochinchi (traditional Bolivian peach beverage). Numerous media outlets published stories in the following days claiming that the Bolivian government was contemplating or taking steps to ban Coca-Cola products within its national borders by December 21st, 2012.


However, the Foreign Ministry clarified. "The foreign minister's statements were decontextualized and there is nothing official."


Elsa Salonen