The Ghostwriter Project is an on-going action, carried out simultaneously by writers, designers, performers and visual artists from around the world. It is a visible /invisible intervention on already existing books, whose goal is to bring the attention back to them, by proposing a different approach to the writing and the reading.


The first step of the project is to select the artists who will participate. Then we go to second hand shops and flee markets to choose the books for them. The new authors will intervene the books with an invisible ink pen, which will be seen only by means of a uv light. Once the books have been intervened, they will be exhibited to the public, then marked, and finally

returned to their initial circulation.


The documentation  it's a very important phase of the artistic process,  due to the ephemeral character of the project. The digital archive is all the register we'll have about these actions. 

Concept: Greta Rusttt

The Ghostwriter Project ©2014